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Deployments Factory is to attend the  Strategy Execution Forum on April 3-4 in Amsterdam.

Given the importance of a strategy definition and even more of its execution, Deployments Factory is actively supporting the Strategy Execution Forum (organized by Thought Leader Global) by sharing key learnings from real business cases that we conducted and how the Strategy Execution Platform was used to help organisations execute their strategy & outperform their initial targets.

We shall discuss the following:

·         How to create a relevant information allowing your organisation to react efficiently in a timely fashion ?

·         How to obtain the right information to make informed decision ?

·         How to follow the progress of the initiative and anticipate related issues ?

·         How to combine cost cutting in mature markets and growth in emerging ones ?

·         How to turn strategic decisions into practical initiatives ?


We are convinced that the success of an organisation to make the right decision depends on its capacity to identify the relevant information, to turn it into strategic decisions and that the implementation of simple processes and agile tools are the keys to drive strategic changes.


In a leading position where relevancy of information is key to conduct your business and execute your strategies, we shape dashboard based on reliable data. The reliability of up-to-date dashboards has become a key factor in the development of matrix-organised companies. Only the implementation of a relevant information system allows an efficient decision-making process and execution.


We help you to organize your change in order to make bright your future. 


If you are interested to take part in this forum, do not hesitate to send an email to:  info@thoughtleaderglobal.com

The Deployments Factory Team